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(Rural Development Society)

Cultural Objectives :-

  • To work for development and maintenance of cultural institution.
  • To work for promotion of Indian Classical song, dance, drama etc, towards the society for cultural uplift of the common people.
  • To encourage research work on the language, literate and culture of Assam and its sister states.
  • To Undertake publication of books on the life and works of Mahapurush Sankardeva in different languages.
  • To established women’s club for their refreshment and women empowerment.
  • To established Sangeet Natak Academy.

Environmental Objectives :-

  • To take up programmes on environmental awareness and protection.
  • To take up programmes on social forestry.
  • To organize relief and rehabilation camps for the distressed people and animals during natural calamities.
  • To organized cleaning work of the public places.
  • To take up programmes on slum area development.

Objectives relating to Health:-

  • To undertake health awareness programmes among the people especially on those diseases which are better prevented than cure.
  • To aware the society regarding drugs and substance abuse, sanitation and environment etc. and to practice it as far as possible.
  • To organize free medical camps for the economically and socially backward classes of the society.
  • To undertake programme on maternity welfare, children welfare, family planning etc. and to provide nutrition food to the children of weaker section.
  • To make arrangement for on the spot medical services to the victims of natural disaster and epidemic both for people and animals.

Economical Objectives :-

  • To implement different self help schemes  for reducing the unemployment problems from the Society.
  • To provide various skill development training programmes amongst rural unemployed youth for their future self-employment.
  • To provide scientific technology to rural poor agriculturist and allied sector and to upgrade them by needed technical and financial assistance.
  • Any Govt. project when entrusted with the organization will be accepted and implemented.
  • To grow small saving habit among the backward classes.